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Security Matters

Stay protected from digital hackers and make online security a priority.

Protecting Companies from Vulnerabilities

At FORTBRIDGE, we give companies a sense of relief by making sure their data is protected. From testing services to security training, we’ll make sure your information is fortified against any digital threats.

Ethical Hacking

If we can get in – so can they. We’re a family-run business providing companies with ethical security testing. Work with a duo team of senior consultants and learn exactly how to protect yourself.


Web application security assessments

Make sure your web apps stay protected.

Mobile & API assessments

Mobile apps are at constant risk. Let’s see if you’re vulnerable to attack.

Cloud Assessments

With so many entry points – it’s no wonder clouds are a breeze for hackers.


New tech means new security threats. Let our experts put them to a stop.

Product Assessment

Fortify your products and sell them confidently.

White Box Testing

Head to the source and protect the very heart of your app.

Security Architecture

Take a holistic look at your design and get a comprehensive analysis.

Network Security

Internal or External – the threat is still there. Stay up to date with the newest concerns.


Application Security

Become a security professional and build a strong foundation.

Secure By Design

Take this introductory course to get a holistic view of security architecture.

Cloud Security

Learn the latest challenges and threats to this growing field.


Bogdan and FORTBRIDGE demonstrated a high level of performance, becoming a major contributor into improving our security posture. His attention to details was key to helping teams remediate issues in a timely and satisfactory manner. Given the above, I would like to re-iterate that Bogdan Tiron and FORTBRIDGE was highly rated during his engagements and as a result I want to reiterate my confirmed recommendation.



It was a pleasure working with Bogdan. He is a very professional, honest and sociable person. He found high impact vulnerabilities and provided top quality reports to the development teams. He jumped on call with developers and made sure the critical vulnerabilities were fixed on spot and also held read-outs to developers and executives to make sure all findings are crisp clear. If top quality pentests and trainings is what you are looking for then Bogdan can definitely help you.


Product Security Leader
Banking Sector

Both Adrian and Bogdan are fantastic to work with and exceptional at what they do, in providing top notch security expertise, consultancy, and penetration testing. They provide high quality work and go above and beyond to identify critical vulnerabilities, and ensure risks are understood and mitigations clearly defined and validated. It is always a pleasure working with FORTBRIDGE and I look forward to continue doing so in the future.


Enterprise Security Architect
Online retailer

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