Don’t wait until it’s too late 

Keep a proactive approach to your security. Technology is evolving and with it – so are the threats to your safety. From web applications to internal clouds, it’s time to make sure you’re staying up to date with the latest threats.

Web application security assessments

Keep your web apps safe and find out if you’re vulnerable to any threats. We use a proven methodology to find any holes in your security.

Mobile & API assessments

Mobile security is crucial to protecting your company and your users. We’ll check every direction to discover any hidden risks.

Cloud Assessments

The cloud security space is continuously evolving. We study every major cloud provider to keep you one step ahead of the hackers.


Protect your pipeline and move to DevSecOps safely. We work closely with your in-house team for a smooth and reliable transition.

Product Assessment

Your products need to have the tightest security product. From benchmarking to pentesting, we’ll discover any major flaws.

White Box Testing

With access to your source code, we’ll be able to have full visibility. We’ll get rid of the guess work and find exactly where the issue lies.

Security Architecture

Get a comprehensive analysis to find any major obstacles throughout your system. Protect your foundation and prioritize your security.

Network Security

These days, even most internal networks aren’t safe. We’ll protect you from even the most innovative hackers.

Cloud Security Training

Learn one of the pillars of digital security through this key training program.

The FORTBRIDGE Difference

As a family-run business – security is in our blood. We’ll work directly with you to discover your vulnerabilities and give you actionable steps to solve them.

  • Direct communication
  • Expert senior consultants
  • Proven track record with big-name companies
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