Don’t wait until it’s too late 

Keep a proactive approach to your security. Technology is evolving and with it – so are the threats to your safety. From web applications to internal clouds, it’s time to make sure you’re staying up to date with the latest threats.

Web application security assessments

Web Application Assessments tackle OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and beyond to fortify your web security posture.

Mobile & API assessments

Our Mobile and API Assessments ensure robust security by identifying vulnerabilities and safeguarding your applications against threats.

Cloud Assessments

Cloud Assessments uncover and address vulnerabilities in your cloud environment, enhancing your overall security and compliance.

Red Teaming

Our Red Teaming services expertly bypass security controls like AV/EDR to expose vulnerabilities and enhance your defense strategies.


Phishing attacks threaten data privacy; FORTBRIDGE mitigates these risks with phishing simulations and security training.

White Box Testing

Whitebox Testing provides deep code-level analysis to identify and fix vulnerabilities, ensuring robust application security.

Security Architecture

Take a holistic look at your design and get a comprehensive analysis with FORTBRIDGE’s Security Architecture services, ensuring robust and resilient security infrastructure.

Network Security

Our Network Security solutions identify and mitigate vulnerabilities to ensure your network infrastructure remains secure and resilient.

The FORTBRIDGE Difference

As a family-run business – security is in our blood. We’ll work directly with you to discover your vulnerabilities and give you actionable steps to solve them.

  • Direct communication
  • Expert senior consultants
  • Proven track record with big-name companies
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